Future's Latest Mixtape Based On A True Story

'I just wanted to go in and paint the picture for the streets,' the 'Tony Montana' MC tells Mixtape Daily.

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Headliner: Future

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: True Story

Real Spit: The future is hard to predict, but the mixtape scene down South has long been a crystal ball of sorts when it comes to gauging new rap talent. And if his street buzz is any indication, Atlanta representative Future has plenty of bright days ahead.

After establishing his sound on the DJ Scream-hosted 1000 and Dirty Spritetapes and, of course, on the chorus on YC's infectious "Racks," Future has returned with his latest mixtape, True Story.

"The mixtape True Story, everything on it from the beginning to the end is based on a very true story, and I just wanted to go in and paint the picture for the streets," the rapper told Mixtape Daily.

Raised in the infamous Zone 6 section of Atlanta, Future found musical inspiration in the form of his cousin Rico Wade of the Dungeon Family (Outkast, Goodie Mob). It was Future's producer cousin who encouraged him to hone his writing abilities and that support ultimately led to the MC putting out local favorites like "Watch This," "Yeah, Yeah" and the ladies anthem "Stand."

On True Story, Future puts his pen on full display, crafting catchy hooks over dirty southern bounce beats. The results are enjoyable, the subject matter varied. There's the strip-club inspired "Magic" and the hustler's ode, "Tony Montana." On "Long Time Coming," Future gets nostalgic and writes a letter to a lost love. Waka Flocka Flame and Scooter assist on the lighthearted "Annoying," and newly signed G-Unit member Shawty Lo helps out on the lost-homey dedication "Bigger Picture."

While True Story chronicles the rapper's sometimes difficult come-up, it does provide some hope that the days to come for Future will be worth the struggle.

Joints to Check For

» "Tony Montana": "I had to paint the picture of the whole movie: If you never seen Tony Montana, go look at the movie 'Scarface.' The beat was sounding crazy when I heard the beat. It sounded like New York when I heard it. It sounded very grimy, gutter, but at the same time it was a vicious track — it had that pound. I had to approach it that way when I wrote the song, so I thought about scenes from the movie, all the highlight scenes from Tony Montana from when he first came to America and they wouldn't even let him over — his anger — trying to get that vibe and get that energy."

» "Magic": " 'Magic' was a song that I just made. They were playing this beat and I just thought about the night before on a Monday I went to [the strip club] Magic City, and then on a Tuesday I went to the studio and that morning put my whole situation on the track. Everything I do, I pretty much freestyle."

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