Demi Lovato To Drop 'Skyscraper' Next Tuesday

Song will debut on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

[artist id="3079280"]Demi Lovato[/artist] is ready to launch her comeback. On Tuesday the singer will drop her highly anticipated

href="">new single, "Skyscraper." It will debut on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, and the singer will also call in to chat with Seacrest about the track.

This marks Lovato's first big release of any kind since leaving treatment earlier this year. And while little is known about the song, Lovato told MTV News last summer that she was planning on making more R&B-sounding music.

"I'm now just taking that next step and learning how to make my music more radio-friendly but also stay very artistic, and for me that's R&B," she said, revealing her dream of collaborating with Drake or Trey Songz. "I can put my vocal stylings on songs that are R&B and it showcases my vocals more than just singing really loud on a rock song."

In a Seventeen magazine blog post, she wrote, "My first single is really special to me — to me it symbolizes my journey from the person I was to the happy healthy person I am today, and the fact that people are able to rise above anything, despite the odds."

Lovato revealed on

target="_blank">Twitter that she has shot a video for the new track, but no word yet on when it will drop. Just this week, she tweeted that she had recorded a duet for her forthcoming album, but she didn't reveal with whom. In Seventeen she wrote that she wanted her new album to empower her fans.

"With my new album, I'm hoping to provide inspiration for girls

everywhere who are going through the same issues I've faced," she said. "I think this will come through in a lot of the material."