Lenny Kravitz Reads Up On 'Hunger Games' Character

The rocker says he's on the second book of Suzanne Collins' trilogy, preparing himself to play stylist Cinna.

"The Hunger Games" has an impressive cast of new talent, unknowns and renowned stars that puts any franchise movie to shame, but one of the most surprising casting decisions made by director Gary Ross was to choose rocker Lenny Kravitz to play stylist Cinna.

When MTV News caught up with Kravitz to chat about his forthcoming album, Black and White America (due out August 30), he said he's finally read the first of Suzanne Collins' "Hunger Games" trilogy.

Cinna — whose name often gets misinterpreted as "Sinner" when Kravitz says it, he told us — is one of the most significant secondary characters throughout the "Hunger Games" trilogy. The brilliant costumes he creates for leading lady Katniss Everdeen before the games help give her the confidence that she needs to get through a televised battle-to-the-death with 23 other teens. And his very subtle form of rebellion against the oppressive Capitol is not without consequences.

Since he is still only partway through the second novel "Catching Fire," Kravitz has heard only hints of what would happen to his character in a potential second movie.

"People have told me, but I'm on the second one now, so don't tell me how ..." Kravitz said, cutting off any spoilers.

"The Hunger Games" will be Kravitz's second big-screen acting performance after 2009's "Precious." When asked how he is preparing for what may end up being quite a dramatic scene in the movie's sequel, Kravitz simply replied, "I'll do it as best as I can."

When Kravitz was announced as Cinna, MTV's Hollywood Crush blogcaught up with several "Hunger Games" experts to hear their thoughts on the casting decision. Most of them were behind it, but the main concern was whether the singer had the acting chops for the performance.

"I guess the real question people have is, you know, what acting experience does Lenny Kravitz have? I'm confident that he can pull it off and do a really fantastic job," "Hunger Games" Fireside chat host Adam Spunberg said.

"He certainly looks the part, at least in my mind, how I pictured Cinna," "Hunger Games" Examiner Sara Grundell said. "Lenny Kravitz totally fits that mental image I had. I guess we'll have to wait and see."

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