Lil Wayne 'Really, Really Surprised' By Shanell's 'How To Love' Remix

'I was mad that it wasn't mine,' Shanell tells Mixtape Daily of why she remixed Wayne single.

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And the battle of the sexes continues: Just as Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV single "How to Love" begins to heat up for the summer, Young Money's Shanell comes along and adds a woman's touch to the acoustic single.

"I guess when I first heard the song, I was mad that it wasn't mine, because I really liked it," Shanell told Mixtape Daily of her motivation to remake the tune.

On the Wayne version, he sings with the aid of Auto-Tune about a woman who is unable to love because of all the wrong done to her in past relationships. "You had a lot of crooks try to steal your heart, never really had luck, couldn't never figure out how to love," Lil Tunechi sings on the original track's chorus.

Shanell, who delivers her version of the love song without computer effects, changes the lyrics up slightly but keeps a similar feel. She sings of a man who has been damaged in the past, but instead of blaming him, Shanell excuses his adulterous behavior.

"It's really stuff that I've dealt with in relationships that I've been in," Shanell said. "Instead of getting upset with the guy, kind of feeling bad for him. Like, 'You're cheating and I feel bad for you,' rather than, 'I'm mad at you because you just don't know or appreciate what you have. You're too busy trying to be like your favorite rapper.'

"I think my version wouldn't be as great as it was if it there wasn't [Wayne's] version for people to hear that side of the story," she added.

After hearing Shanell's rendition, Wayne is mulling over the idea of the two performing the song live as a duet during the second leg of his I Am Still Music Tour. "He was really, really surprised that I did it, and he thought it sounded really, really good," she said of the YM boss' reaction. "We're talking about maybe even doing some sort of back and forth thing on the road, on the upcoming tour."

Whether or not that pans out, fans can still see Shanell perform some of her own songs on the road with Wayne. She estimates that she'll be able to showcase about two songs on her own, but no plans are finalized just yet.