B.o.B's New Album Not Focused On Features

Producer Jim Jonsin says The Adventures of Bobby Ray singer 'wants it to be his album.'

[artist id="3238990"]B.o.B[/artist] is out embarking on another adventure. After his 2010 debut, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, produced chart-topping singles and an RIAA-certified gold plaque, the Atlanta rapper is back in the studio crafting his next LP all by his lonesome.

"What Bob wanted to do was go into the lab himself and spend his time creating what he wanted his album to have, the direction he wanted," producer Jim Jonsin told MTV News. "So we're waiting on him to come back with that house that he's built so we can go ahead and put all the fixtures in and try to help with it."

Jonsin, who signed B.o.B to his Rebel Rock label, where the artist remains inked alongside T.I.'s Grand Hustle imprint (under Atlantic Records), said that after sessions earlier this year during which he and Bob cut "three or four records," the "Nothin' On You" rapper is now out working on the album alone, similar to the recording process on his debut. "Same way it was with the last album. Bob is very creative, he's a producer, he's a writer, he's a real artist," Jonsin said.

While The Adventures of Bobby Ray was heavy on features, with contributions from Bruno Mars, Hayley Williams, Rivers Cuomo and Eminem, Jonsin said the plan for now is for B.o.B to make the album his own. "He doesn't want to do the feature records; he wants it to be his album," he said.

In that respect, Jonsin, who has created hit records with Lil Wayne, Eminem and Usher, said he's happy just letting Bob do his own thing and coming in to assist with production duties once the rapper has already laid his foundation. "He does have his ideas and his direction, and everyone feeds off of that," the multiplatinum producer said. "The A&Rs, the label knows, Tip knows, I know where he's going. We just gotta hear it, and then we can help him with it."

So far, Bob hasn't announced a release date or a title for his new album, but in May, the singer told MTV News he's actually been working on this album for quite some time. "It's the right timing, and I haven't revealed the name of the album yet," he said, "but I've been working on this since before The Adventures of Bobby Ray, so it's a real special project."

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