Adele's Unstoppable 21, By The Numbers

We take a look at the album's chart domination as it reaches #1 yet again.

[artist id="2476941"]Adele[/artist] seems to be unstoppable. Her sophomore release, 21, has managed to top the charts for nearly as many weeks as it's been out. Clearly, this Brit has never heard of the sophomore slump. If you take the album by the numbers, it's had quite the impressive run.

Just how impressive? Here's how it shakes out:

114,314: The number of units she sold this week, beating out Lady Gaga's Born This Way with 100,255 units.

16: The number of times Adele's 21 has been on the charts.

10: The number of times it's topped the charts.

2.2 million: The number of records sold since the album hit stores in late February. Gaga, meanwhile, has sold about 1.4 million records in three weeks.

1: The number of singles released from the album.

8: The number of consecutive weeks "Rolling in the Deep" has ruled the singles charts.

352,000: The number of albums sold in 21's first week, compared to Gaga's 1.1 million.

"It is something, isn't it?" Dave Bakula, Nielsen's senior vice president of analytics, told MTV News. "I think if we were to look at this back at the beginning of the record ... I don't think anyone would have guessed."

Given that more than 2 million people have already bought Adele's album, the question remains: Who is still buying it?

"It shows the power ... of her fanbase. You've got a song that's performing very, very well, still being discovered by new people every week," Bakula said. "You've got an artist here who wasn't a household name prior to this record coming out, so you do still have that discovery process going on with her.

"What it really goes to show is the fact that there still are that many people discovering the album every week," he added. "I think it shows a lot about the latent demand that is out there for great music."

Can she be beat? "To be honest, certainly there are releases week in and week out that will come and go, much like Gaga," he said. " ... There are always going to be releases who come in and come out like Beyoncé, but every week, regardless of whether there's a big new release or not, Adele continues to drive 100,000-plus people to buy albums. So, yes, I do see albums that will supplant Adele as #1, but I don't see any flowing into the momentum that Adele has."

Have you checked out Adele's album? Why do you think it has staying power? Let us know in the comments!