'X-Men: First Class': Meet The Mutants

James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon and more of the film's stars lead us through this new batch of X-Men.

With "X-Men: First Class" being the fourth "X-Men" film released this decade, you might think you know a thing or two about our favorite friendly (and not-so-friendly) neighborhood mutants, but the latest installment of the franchise, out Friday (June 3), is here to prove you wrong.

MTV News caught up with the stars of the summer blockbuster recently, and they were more than willing to clear up any preconceived notions we might have had about their characters.

"Professor Charles Xavier, when we meet him, is actually Dr. Charles Xavier, but he becomes a professor during the course of the movie," James McAvoy clarified. "His power is he can read, bend and manipulate your mind, and his relationship with Erik [a.k.a. Magneto] is probably the closest relationship he's ever had."

"Erik Lehnsherr-slash-Magneto, he is ruthless, intelligent, charming and adaptable," Michael Fassbender teased.

Jennifer Lawrence explained how her character, Raven Darkholme/ Mystique, is connected to the two main men. "Magneto to her is kind of this iconic man that's kind of the crush that she's always had and she admires him very much. And Charles [Xavier] has always been like a brother to her," Lawrence said.

There are quite a few new characters to add to the mix as well, most notably Kevin Bacon as bad guy Sebastian Shaw, the head of the Hellfire Club.

"My power is to be able to absorb energy and harness it and throw it back at whoever is trying to use that energy against me," Bacon explained to MTV.

Then there's Emma Frost, played by January Jones, who is Shaw's right-hand woman. "Her powers are twofold," Jones explained. "She has the mental capacity to read minds or control them, and then also, physically, she can change into a diamond form, which makes her physically indestructible."

Some other new characters are Zoe Kravitz's Angel Salvadore, a go-go dancer who is able to sprout wings, and Lucas Till's Havoc, a liability who has no control over the beams he can sprout from his body.

You can bet there are plenty more mutants that join the first class, but you'll have to meet them on your own in theaters now.

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