'X-Men: First Class' Stars Talk 'Humanizing' The Mutants

'You take all of the effects out of the movie, you still have the basis for an entertaining story,' Kevin Bacon tells MTV News.

The summer movie season of 2011 is poised to be one full of superheroes. Things have already been kicked off by the mighty God of Thunder, "Thor," but following quickly in his path are not one, but a whole pack of mutants-turned-superheroes in "X-Men: First Class."

When MTV News caught up with two of the actors who make up the mutant-tastic movie, January Jones and Kevin Bacon, we asked them to explain what separates this latest "X-Men" film from the rest of the DC and Marvel-based movies slated to open in the coming months.

"To me, I think it's the emotional content of the movie," Bacon said. "There's a lot of emphasis on humanizing these mutants. They're falling in love, they're having sex, they're angry with each other, they're getting drunk, they're acting childish and grown-up and learning things," he explained of the younger characters in the film. "You take all of the effects out of the movie, you still have the basis for an entertaining story."

Speaking specifically about the look and feel of their characters, who are inspired by a rich and lengthy history, Jones, who plays telepath Emma Frost, revealed she was happy to jump into the world of comic books, even if it meant wearing a bikini for most of the film.

"I was aware [of the costume]," she said. "I read the comics, I did my research. I'm more dressed in the movie than she is in the comics," she pointed out. "So I was actually quite relieved."

With regard to Bacon's character, the villainous Sebastian Shaw, we wondered if his nuanced performance might have been influenced by the evildoers in the James Bond franchise.

"No, I really didn't [draw from any of those films]," he said. "This was the first that I've even thought about Bond, but it's come up quite a bit. I love those movies," he revealed. "I grew up with those movies. They were very, very influential on me as a kid. My son, when he was about 10, he became a huge fan. We went back and watched them all again. If something feels Bond-ian, it was subconscious."

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