Adam Lambert Making His 'Dream Album'

Ryan Tedder, Nikka Costa and Sia help create 'honest and real' follow-up to For Your Entertainment.

[artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert's[/artist] debut album, 2009's For Your Entertainment, was very much a product of his time on "American Idol" — written and produced by a hand-picked team of hitmakers, it was the kind of the thing the folks at 19 Entertainment wanted to hear. So it's somewhat understandable that, on his follow-up disc, Lambert is very much determined to make the kind of album he wants to hear.

"I think I've probably written about 18 to 20 songs. I've been spending the past two and a half months in the studio," Lambert told MTV News on the red carpet of Wednesday's "Idol" finale in Los Angeles. "I'm writing most of the material with people myself this time ... I'm really involved. It's really exciting because I think I'm making my dream album. I know that sounds a bit clichéd, but I'm making exactly what I want to listen to."

That echoes the sentiments Lambert shared with us earlier this year, when he said he was taking his time to work on his new album, and that the goal was to "write the most personal songs, the most powerful songs. I really want it to be something that's really honest and real."

Helping him achieve that goal are a variety of seasoned pros — Ryan Tedder, Nikka Costa and Sia, to name just a few — and while there's still no release date for the album, Lambert said he's in no rush. He's enjoying the writing process, and getting an education in songwriting in the process.

"I'm learning so much from everybody, so that's probably the best part," he said.