'Hangover 2' Stars Talk 'Chaos' At New York Premiere

Ed Helms tells MTV News that the comedy sequel is 'disturbing, horrifying, unnerving ... oh, and also hilarious.'

NEW YORK CITY — Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and director Todd Phillips all showed up at the Landmark Sunshine Theater on Monday night to celebrate the premiere of "The Hangover Part II," the follow-up to 2009's hit buddy comedy about the aftermath of a lost night of debauchery in Las Vegas. Helms told MTV News on the red carpet that he never expected that he and his castmates would get back together for more partying and antics.

"We had no idea that 'The Hangover' would do what it did so we were all kind of blown away," Helms recalled. "But then very quickly a conversation for a sequel started and we were all kind of like, 'I don't know.' And then Todd showed us the script and it was amazing, so we were like, 'Yeah, let's do that.' "

The "that" turned out to be just as crazy as the first time around, with Helms, Cooper and Zach Galifianakis trying to piece together another lost evening of overindulgence, this time in Bangkok, Thailand. So, how would Helms describe the new flick? "Disturbing, horrifying, unnerving," he said. "Oh, and also hilarious. I forgot that ... Lots of craziness happened on set and you'll see all of that in the movie."

Phillips' description of the movie seems to mirror that of Helms. "Here's what it is: It's like the movie is about chaos [and] to capture chaos, you have to go to chaos, and we went to Bangkok," the director explained. Well, it seems that some people got a bit too caught up in the chaos.

"We lost them to their various vices and addictions," he added. "And in Bangkok, I think we had the same problem [that we had in Las Vegas for the first film]. It makes it a little harder [when people get caught up in the chaos]. There's always three or four guys that seem like weak links, that are, and you can tell when you're going to lose a crew guy to their vices and their wife comes and gets them and puts them in rehab and it gets better."

So how much are the "Hangover" stars like their characters in the film? "Well, we're exactly like the characters, but not how you think," Helms quipped. "I'm exactly like Zach, Zach's exactly like Bradley and Bradley's exactly like me, so go figure ... I have a huge beard and I'm a little portly."

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