Lady Gaga Fans Weigh In On Born This Way

Does her new album go too far? Her fans — and critics — sound off!

The wait is finally over. By now, you've no doubt heard [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga's[/artist] much-anticipated Born This Way album (via means either legal or, uh, not) and you've probably formed an opinion about its 14 darkly sumptuous tracks. It's clear that, on the record, Gaga is going for something big, pushing her sound into bold new territories — territories that apparently include plenty of white-hot sax solos. But has she strayed too far from the things that made her an international sensation?

We certainly have our thoughts on the matter, but we're interested in hearing what her fans have to say about Born This Way's brash, unapologetic reinvention of pop. Not surprisingly, the conversation on was pretty animated, and so we decided to single out some of the best comments from our readers and re-publish them below. Here's your take on Lady Gaga's latest ... and if you haven't weighed in yet, you can do so in the comments section below. On to the debate!

"The album is an assorted compilation because it reflects her eclectic tastes and influences, which at the same time allows her to showcase her versatility ... it reflects her multifaceted artistry. The album is totally Gaga, and she's completely staying true to herself. ... [It's] a self-exploring journey, both artistic- and personality-wise that I'm sure her fans will join and embrace unreservedly." — MyArena

"I like [her] hits like 'Poker Face,' 'Bad Romance,' 'Paparazzi,' but despite the fact that the The Fame wasn't a good debut album critically, [it's] better than this crap I just heard. All the songs sound the same, no originality ... all the sounds are played in the same key. 'Born This Way,' 'Judas,' 'Hair,' 'Americano,' are complete throwaways. ... I was expecting big things but ... after hearing 'Born this Way,' I knew this album wouldn't live up to the hype. This is not even the album of the year. Adele's 21 [and] Britney Spears' Femme Fatale are far ahead of this album." — Kennethngbor

"This album is beyond awesome. I'm sorry if she isn't like all the other pop stars ... [and] no originality? She goes from pop to techno to Mexican to blues to rock to gothic and you think they all sound the same?" — Adham

"[I'm] sooooooooo happy with it. I have to say I was worried, but it's great." — Jamarious

"This album is beyond epic. Completely shocking and different; it's so Gaga, but it so isn't at the same time. Bow down to the QUEEN OF POP!" — The1andonlyJOLE

"Why is nobody saying that 'Born this Way' sounds so much like Madonna that it is hard to believe there isn't a lawsuit. The Gaga song is a complete rip-off." — Mike

"Lady Gaga is going to take music to the next level [and] I will be right by her side when she does. This gal is a genius." — Ray

"One thing you people need to understand is that it doesn't matter if her old fans like it or not. Get over yourselves. I love seeing new material and different lyrical melodies from her. This isn't the The Fame/Fame Monster 2.0. I don't want to be listening to that stuff over and over with every album. People need to get over [her] past music ... if she did that all her life, people would get bored. She's building a lasting career, not something people forget about years later. Guess what? She doesn't care if some of her old fans don't like her new music. ... She is smart enough that this new music will appeal to a different audience and it will always fill in the gap of those past fans that don't like the new music. In other words, a guaranteed long career." — Bob

What do you think of Gaga's Born This Way? Tell us in the comments.

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