Exclusive: Soulja Boy Talks Auditioning To Play Tupac In Biopic

'I'm really still just thinkin' about it,' he tells Sway on 'RapFix Live.'

[artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist] got the juice now. After the "Crank That" rapper announced that he would be remaking the 1992 film "Juice" and playing Bishop — the role that turned rapper Tupac Shakur into a movie star — some fans were up in arms.

Well, on Wednesday (May 11), Soulja Boy appeared on MTV's "RapFix Live" and told Sway that he was also asked to audition for the role of Shakur in the upcoming Antoine Fuqua-directed Tupac biopic.+

"I got an email from William Morris Agency — that's my agency that I'm with — they reached out to me to play the part. I'm just still thinking about it right now," Soulja told Sway. "Even with the whole 'Juice' movie, I'm playing a part that Tupac played, but I'm not actually playin' 'Pac. When it comes to this, I'm actually gonna be playin' 'Pac, so I'm really still just thinkin' about it. But I'm just honored that they would reach out to me and ask me anyway."

While he is still mulling over the audition invite, Soulja is excited about his remake of "Juice." The film is an accompaniment to his Juice mixtape, which dropped April 20. Soulja said he has already wrapped shooting, and fans will be able to see the film later this year.

"I shot the movie. It's done. We did a good job. It's gonna be crazy," SB said. "I'm ready for the masses to see it. I got the 'Juice' music video coming out for the official soundtrack for all the people to hype 'em up, to get everybody crunk."

Should Soulja Boy play Tupac in the late rapper's upcoming biopic? Let us know in the comments.