Lil B, Freddie Gibbs Deny Beef After I'm Gay Comments

'I ain't never had no vendetta against Lil B,' Gibbs tells MTV News after he was heard disparaging B's album title at a concert.

Not everyone is feeling the Based God. While performing at a show in Brooklyn on April 27, recently signed CTE rapper [artist id="3581143"]Freddie Gibbs[/artist] expressed his displeasure with [artist id="1520678"]Lil B[/artist] and the idea behind his upcoming album, I'm Gay.

"No f----t sh--, this ain't no Lil B Based God or no f----t a-- sh-- like that up here," he said to the crowd.

A few days later, Lil B responded via Twitter, "MAN I GOT LOVE FOR FREDDIE GIBBS AND MYSOON AND NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY PEOPLE DESERVE THERE OPINION LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK! -- Lil B." The "MYSOON" reference in B's tweet was directed toward New York rapper Mysonne who threw shots at the former Pack member on his song "F--- Lil B and XXL."

As for Gibbs, he told MTV News when we caught up with him over the weekend that he agreed with B's tweet. "He expressed something that I've been tryin' to express to the rap community for a minute," Freddie said. "Just 'cause I comment on your music or comment on your subject matter don't mean that I'mma come beat yo ass when I see you.

"I ain't never had no vendetta against Lil B. He's a young Black man doin' what he gotta do to support his family."

Lil B, in true Based God fashion, kept the positive vibe going, continuing to downplay any beef with Gibbs or Mysonne when he appeared on MTV's "RapFix Live on Wednesday. "I got love for ... Fred and the other dude. I got love because they dope artists," Lil B said. "This is hip-hop and love; I got respect for both of those cats."

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