Bad Meets Evil Producers Tease 'Top-Secret' Eminem/ Royce Da 5'9" EP

'The album is dope. That's all I can tell you about it,' Denaun Porter tells Mixtape Daily.

Behind the Beats: Denaun Porter, Havoc, DJ Khalil and Bangladesh

Eminem is looking to thrill hip-hop fans once again. Earlier this week, it was announced that Shady Records will release a joint EP featuring Em himself and fellow Detroit lyricist Royce Da 5'9", under the group moniker Bad Meets Evil. But fans aren't the only ones excited about the upcoming project.

Producers Denaun Porter, Mobb Deep's Havoc, DJ Khalil and Bangladesh have all been tapped to provide beats for the project and seem to be pretty pumped for the final product, which is set to drop June 14.

"The album is dope. That's all I can tell you about it," said Porter when Mixtape Daily caught up with him at his Detroit studio. (Big Mixtape shout-out to photographer Patrick Daly.) The idea for a Bad Meets Evil EP first came about while Porter and Royce were working on Royce's solo album.

"We had one song and it turned into, 'Yo, what do you think about getting Em on this record?' " Denuan recalled. Soon, Royce and Em were bouncing ideas back and forth, and more producers were eventually brought into the fold.

Havoc, who also worked on Eminem's Recovery, submitted a number of tracks to the Shady camp, but initially had no idea what Em and Royce were cooking up. "A couple of months ago I got hit up and they told me that they're using another track for some future project," he said. "So I found out along with everybody else what it was actually for, because they like to keep things top-secret."

West Coast beatsmith DJ Khalil has been a longtime fan of the Bad Meets Evil duo and has fond memories of buying Em and Royce's first collaborative 1999 single, "Nothin' to Do." "I remember buying the 12-inch back in the day when I was DJ'in'," he said. "It's like a classic; I still have the vinyl."

Bangladesh, like Havoc, didn't learn that he was going to be on the EP until recently. "I ain't know that [Eminem] even had this beat, I didn't even know he liked the beat. I ain't know I was gonna be on this EP until probably like two weeks ago."

The producers couldn't say much in terms of song detail, but Bangladesh did confirm that his track has a vocal sample in the hook, while Havoc said his beat has an eerie feel and sounds like, "You're going down a dark hall with a whole bunch of monks just screamin' at you."

Denuan, an original member of D12 and a longtime friend and collaborator of both Em and Royce, is perhaps the most thrilled about the upcoming Bad Meets Evil project. "I was happy to see it because I thought the songs that they did back in the day was dope."

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