Killer Mike Talks Reconciling With Big Boi

Mike describes relationship with Outkast MC as 'a brotherhood.'

Thinking back to his past beef with [artist id="776"]Outkast[/artist]'s Big Boi, [artist id="1231808"]Killer Mike[/artist] (also known as Mike Bigga) admitted to MTV News that the tiff was sad for him, but now that the two have buried the hatchet, fans can expect more collaborations and a new group.

"It's a brotherhood more than a friendship," Mike said.

The feud, stemming back to 2006, began after Killer, who was signed to Big Boi's Purple Ribbon label, became disenfranchised with the business side of things. The road to repairing the friendship began in 2008, and according to Mike, transpired over three phases. Now that things are completely patched up, Mike and Big Boi announced in February that they will be forming a new group, rounding out a trio with Atlanta rapper and Maybach Music signee Pill.

Phase one of their reconciliation took place when Big Boi's son Cross encouraged his dad to patch things up with his former friend. "My children love him, his children love me, so it's kinda hard to stay an a--hole when my children are telling me, 'Don't be an a--hole, dad,'

and his kids was telling him that," Mike explained.

He credits the second phase of the patch-up to Atlanta-based hip-hop journalist Maurice Garland. "He got [Big Boi and I] together, and we started listening to each other's album, and I was like, 'Sh--, I gotta step it up,' " Mike recalled. "That's when I went back in to record PL3DGE."

It was Twitter that would ultimately get the two friends back in a comfortable place, where they could eventually work together. "He just hit me out on Twitter like six, seven months ago — just outta nowhere like, 'Call me,' " Mike said.

Questioning the authenticity of the tweet, Killer reached out to the Outkast MC's cousin, who later confirmed that it was in fact Big Boi who sent the online olive branch. A couple of days later, Killer Mike and Big Boi were at Club Obsessions in Atlanta performing their 2005 hit "Kryptonite." Big Boi has since appeared on Mike's "Ready Set Go (Remix)" in March.

"We've been in the studio knocking sh-- out, talking every few days," Killer Mike said.

Still, little is known about the group, and while Mike does confirm that they have a name, he is reluctant to announce it just yet, saving that honor for his longtime friend. "Big has a name, but he's holding on to it," Mike said. "I've assigned him group leader."

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