Diddy-Dirty Money Begin 'Intimate' Coming Home Tour

Shows will look 'as dynamic and as emotional' as Last Train to Paris sounds, Diddy tells MTV News.

Diddy-Dirty Money is making sure their Last Train to Paris album gets an extended shelf life. The Sean "Diddy" Combs-led trio is kicking off their Coming Home Tour on Wednesday (April 13) in Minneapolis. Over his nearly 15-year recording career, the Bad Boy Records CEO has grown accustomed to rocking stadiums, but this tour will be hitting small venues during its month-long run.

"We wanted to do an intimate tour because it gives you a chance to play to the people that really love your music," Diddy told MTV News during a rehearsal break. "It's not as commercial as just going to an arena situation, which after this, we have different arena shows. The whole purpose of this was the reinvention, to do things that I haven't done before, for me to have new, different experiences and for me to really connect with people. ... I think there's no better way than to go and do an up close and personal tour."

While show locales might be smaller in scale, Diddy-Dirty Money will be backed by a band, and they plan on packing the same emotion and sonic passion found on the Last Train album into their shows.

"I just wanted it to look how it sounded," Diddy said. "As dynamic and as emotional as it sounds, that's the way it's going to look. I wanted to give people more than what they bargained for. Because in this viral age, I just wanted to imagine the first five dates and how every city, when people see the show, they'll be talking about it virally."

Prepping for the shows has shown the group's other members, singers Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper, the intense side of Diddy as he makes sure the tour's stage show is perfect.

"The crazy thing about working with Puff is that we've learned to work around him, focusing and understanding it's a learning process,"

Harper said. "We're with somebody who's been in the industry for 20-some-odd years. So, for him to be focused on what the lights look like, what it should sound like, like he said, 'Looking out for the bullsh--,' that's something for us to pay attention to, and we're in the group with him."

After numerous delays, Last Train was released in December and landed at #7 on the Billboard albums chart. Most projects start winding down a few months after their release, but this group doesn't plan to let up anytime soon.

"That's the great thing about this group that I'm really excited

about: our work ethic. There's no such thing as sleep," Richard said.

"For us, this is the fun part. We been locked in the studio for three years trying to figure out what this [album] was going to be like. To finally have it come to pass and then to be able to sit here with the band and hear it live like this is really [exciting] for us."

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