Robert Pattinson Had Kate Moss On His Walls As A Boy

In new Elle article, he also name-checks Linda Blair, Jane Fonda and Ellen Burstyn as childhood crushes.

These days, Robert Pattinson is the guy who girls hang posters of on their walls at home. But when the "Twilight" heartthrob was growing up, he had a few lovely ladies covering his bedroom walls.

"I was always obsessed with Kate Moss. On my bedroom wall, I had a poster of Linda Blair and Kate Moss," he told Elle of his celebrity crushes growing up. "I always liked Jane Fonda. Who else? Ellen Burstyn."

Pattinson, these days, is as hot as British supermodel Moss was back in the '90s. He's a screen god with a growing résumé, full of five "Twilight" flicks, as well as romances, like the forthcoming "Water for Elephants" and "Bel Ami." In the latter, he'll play celebrity journalist Georges Duroy who sleeps his way to the top, based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant.

"He's so cynical in the book, but now he's so convinced that he knows everything and that he's been wronged, that he ends up being very earnest," he said. "He realizes that the whole world he lives in is based on a lie; it angers him so much that he basically wants to burn the whole thing down ... and in trying to enjoy everything, he becomes what he hates most: a pompous little sh--."

Another aspect of the film Pattinson likes is the fact that he's a con and a womanizer, but still somehow doesn't end up hated. "I thought it was funny as well — 'Twilight' having quite a bit of a female audience — to play a guy who basically screws women out of money," he said. "I like the fact that you never hear of a movie where the bad guy stabs every single person in the back and then wins."

While he may be moving on from "Twilight" in some way, he knows it will always be part of his history. "I mean, that would be totally fine — if I didn't have any responsibilities, if it didn't affect my career anymore," he said of still doing "Twilight" conventions in his 40s. "I did a couple of those after 'Harry Potter,' when I was totally unemployed. You can have so much fun. There are so many weirdos there."

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