Project Blue Book Open Up About Their Miami Invasion

DJ Aero and Porter Robinson tell MTV News how Project Blue Book became one of dance music's hottest tickets.

When we talk about Project Blue Book, we're not talking about the alleged top-secret government program said to be covering up things like Area 51 and little green men in Roswell, New Mexico. We're talking about the hot music collective that's been turning heads and making waves since their tour first launched back in February. But for Skrillex, Tommy Lee, DJ Aero, and up-and-coming beat-whiz Porter Robinson, the extraterrestrial connotation is apt too. The show these guys put on is totally out of this world.

"It came together because we really needed a tour name to make this all work," DJ Aero explained to MTV News. "We were going back and forth with [Skrillex] coming up with crazy names, and then he sent us an email with the history behind [the government's Project Blue Book], and we were like, 'Yeah, that sounds like us!' "

"We were going to call it Meowington's Tour!" Aero joked, referring to their pal deadmau5's (a.k.a Joel Zimmerman) cat. "But we couldn't put it together legally. [Joel] just wouldn't give up the name."

"That would also be kind of tragic in light of recent events," Porter added, making a jab about the injury deadmau5's now-famous cat recently sustained.

All kidding aside, though, as anyone who's heard their music or been to their shows can attest, the group's name fits their game. The Project Blue Book Tour has become nothing short of an invasion. After a successful U.S. trek during the winter months, the guys hit this year's Miami Music Week with some spanking-new material.

"We have five different tracks we've been playing out, especially for this Ultra Music Week," Aero told us last month in Miami. "There's a track named 'Static' and a track named 'LFO Tool' that we've been playing out every night."

Yes, you read that correctly, Tommy Lee and DJ Aero named a track after the audio plug-in tool developed by music mastermind (and longtime deadmau5 and Tommy Lee producer) Steve Duda.

"I've been playing out two dubstep songs, one is called 'The State,' which is some libertarian bitchiness from me, and the other is called 'Spit Fire.' They're just very high-energy, super aggressive dubstep songs," Porter explained. "I'm also working this weird 100-beats-per-minute banger, which is very unusual. I don't know many songs that are 100 beats per minute," he continued. "It's like slightly faster drumstep, and like slightly slower Justice music. It's unique."

The trio of Tommy Lee, Porter and Aero, joined by Skrillex (with his infectious sound and obsessive following), have morphed into the one of the "it" acts to catch in 2011. But to paraphrase the old saying, behind all great men, is a great woman. In this case it's Sofi Toufa, who tours and performs with the gang and has been making waves with her new Moguai collaboration on "Beat of the Drum."

So what's it like for a girl in possession of one of the hottest voices in dance music to be on tour with all the boys?

"Oh, ya know, it's a little sweaty and smelly and stuff! No, it's awesome. It's fun, they're awesome dudes!" Sofi gushed to MTV News about her Project Blue Book crew. "All these guys shower, which is awesome, so I'm really really happy about that!"

"I've gotten told on more than one occasion that I smell good from Sofi," Aero chimed in. "So I feel pretty good about it!"

"I've gotten that too!" Porter added with a laugh. "It's very practical; we hired her to get us cocky before our sets!"

Unfortunately for Porter, he'll have to find another morale booster as he says goodbye to Sofi, Tommy and Aero and hits the road with Skrillex and Zedd for the month long, 25-city OWSLA Tour, kicking off June 17 in Las Vegas.

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