Snoop Dogg Blesses YG's Take On Chronic Classic

Rap vet talks to Mixtape Daily about YG's Just Re'd Up Dr. Dre cover, featuring Nipsey Hussle and Tyga.

Cornerstone Credentials: Dr. Dre (by way of Snoop Dogg and YG)

Snoop Dogg once rapped, "It ain't no fun if the homeys can't have none," and now that he's achieved veteran status, he's more than willing to bless the younger set.

Newly minted XXL "Freshman 11" cover star YG recruited fellow Los Angeles upstarts Nipsey Hussle and Tyga for a remake of the Snoop-powered "Bitches Ain't Sh--" from Dr. Dre's classic offering The Chronic.

The song is set to appear on YG's forthcoming mixtape, Just Re'd Up, and Snoop gave the re-up of his and Dre's track a thumbs up.

"He let me hear it when we were onstage," Snoop told Mixtape Daily. "And I love the younger generation. They don't have to ask me or check in with me or none of that. If you want to use any of my music or any of my material or any of my lines — that goes for young, old, new, whoever — feel free. That's what hip-hop is about: spreading love and sharing love. I never been one to say, 'Well, he stole my lines; he took this from me.' It's all a part of hip-hop. It's a culture we all share and love. If you want to get something from me or taking something from me as my young homey, you got permission. This is Big Snoop Dogg, you know I love the hip-hop game. YG, you know what it do; do your thing."

YG said when he was growing up, he watched Snoop, Ice Cube and others on the Left Coast put on for their city, and it's something he wants to do being a part of the next generation.

"I want to do the same thing when we start poppin'," he explained. "So, I'll be like, 'Nip, you gotta mess with me. Tyga, you got to do some West Coast sh--.' And it gets done. I'm just bringing us all together. We all do our thing, but I make it to where we do our own stuff but we can get it poppin' together. So the city will know we're f---ing with each other, and it's all good. I'm really trying to bring back this whole West Coast on another level — some young fly sh--."

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