Wiz Khalifa Calls 'Black And Yellow' Remixes 'A Big Honor'

During 'RapFix Live,' MC says versions by Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg 'made the song even bigger.'

Wiz Khalifa might have been bummed that Lil Wayne didn't mention the rapper by name when he was interviewed about his "Black and Yellow" remix, but during Wednesday's (March 30) "RapFix Live," the Pittsburgh MC called Weezy's version — along with remixes by Snoop Dogg and others — a "big honor."

"I know when you're an artist and you got songs on the radio, you figure that people hear it, but to know that someone heard it, went and got the beat and flowed to it," Wiz told MTV News' Sway. "I know that process. It was definitely a big honor. Snoop did 'Purp and Yellow' — that was big and it turned it from the Steelers [anthem] to the Lakers and made the song even bigger. That worked for me too."

During the mtvU Woodies, Wiz downplayed the situation between him and Wayne.

"I feel like people have a chance to speak out and acknowledge younger people or people who are grinding and coming up in the game, and they don't always take the opportunity," he said. "That's all that was.

"There's plenty of people who've missed that opportunity, there's plenty of people who went back and taken that opportunity when they missed it," Wiz added. "It's never too late. It wasn't anything negative; it just is what it is. That's the type of person I am. I'm a realistic person, so I tend to say realistic things."

Sill, Wiz said he was open to working with Weezy.

"Everything has to be organic and natural. I'm not gonna do anything with anybody that I don't sit down with and share points of view and chop it up," Wiz said. "That's really important to me."

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