Lupe Fiasco Talks Spring Break Performance

The Chicago rapper's Las Vegas spring break gig airs Tuesday night on MTV.

When you combine spring break and Las Vegas, things are bound to get exciting — or out of control.

For the MTV Spring Break 2011 performers — Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Pitbull and Lupe Fiasco — the challenge is to keep the crowds entertained when shots, lost tops and sunny weather threaten to steal their attention.

According to Lupe Fiasco, though, it doesn't matter to him whether he's performing at a spring break gig or a room of Timberland-wearing concertgoers — the show goes on.

"It's no different," the Chicago rapper told MTV News recently. "I did a show for the hardcore [fans] yesterday and it was the same thing. The same energy. At the end of the day, it's about getting in touch with the energy — I don't want to sound too mystical — but that human energy. It don't matter if you black, white, Italian, Asian or in a bikini or have a fitted hat on thugged out, everybody wants to hear something and be moved by something, so for us, we want to take it to you as energetic as we possibly can."

On Monday, Wiz Khalifa's MTV Spring Break 2011 performance aired as the Pittsburgh star hit the stage for his breakout tune "Black and Yellow."

Later in the week, Snoop Dogg and Pitbull's spring break performances will be shown on MTV, MTV2 and mtvU.

Catch Lupe Fiasco performing in Las Vegas during MTV's Spring Break on Tuesday night (March 29) on MTV at 9:50 p.m. ET.