Snoop Dogg Remembers Nate Dogg As A 'Genuine' Homey

'It was the things he did for me as a friend before I had a record deal,' Snoop tells MTV News.

Nate Dogg was laid to rest this past weekend in his hometown of Long Beach, California. Several artists came to pay their last respects, including Dr. Dre, Daz and Kurupt. They gathered alongside the G-Funk crooner's friends and family on a gloomy Saturday morning. At his funeral, an emotional Snoop Dogg spoke about how the two attended the same high school.

"1986, Poly High School, that's where we connected for the first time," Snoop reflected on his friend. "We didn't know each other, but the music connected us. We built a brotherhood, a friendship."

On Monday (March 28), MTV News caught up with Snoop after his appearance on "The Seven," and he elaborated on what his friendship with Nate meant to him.

"As a friend, Nate Dogg, was like a brother, a homey, someone who understood Snoop Dogg, someone who understood the struggle of Snoop Dogg, because he was a part of the struggle of Snoop Dogg. We created a group, 213: me, him and Warren G, back in the late '80s that spawned our careers."

The rapper and the crooner collaborated frequently throughout their careers, recording G-Funk hits like "It Ain't No Fun" and "Bitch Please," but for Snoop it was all about the time they spent together coming up.

"His friendship meant so much to me, because it was more about before we made records, as opposed to when people [saw] us in the limelight. It was the things he did for me as a friend before I had a record deal. The belief he had in me as an artist, as a homey, and just staying down and sticking to the rules of the game. That's what made Nate so genuine."