Wiz Khalifa Wants To Rap Over 'Really Tight' Mumford & Sons Song

'Roll Up' MC tells MTV News he's a fan of the rock quartet during Spring Break in Las Vegas.

Spring Break is a chance for willing college kids to try something new. So in the spirit of the yearly tradition, Wiz Khalifa — one of the performers at MTV's Spring Break 2011, along with Snoop Dogg, Pitbull and Lupe Fiasco — spoke to MTV News about experimenting with rhyming.

We asked the "Black and Yellow" star whose music he would pick if he could rap over any other artist's song.

"Mumford & Sons, they got a really tight song that I wanna rap over," Wiz said. "That I would totally rap over if I had the chance to 'cause usually, when I see the video or hear the song, I get it real quick but now I have to ask again. I forgot. [Editor's note: Wiz is likely referring either to M&S singles "Little Lion Man" or "The Cave."] "They're tight and really musical," he said about the West London quartet. "I like the instruments they use, like bongos. It's tight and acceptable."

Although Wiz took to the Las Vegas stage joined by his DJ, the Pittsburgh rapper said he also had a band in mind if he needed a crew to back him: the Disco Biscuits.

"They're hard," he explained. "It's just sound-y. When you get that vibe and that music, it just feels good and makes you feel a certain way when you hear it."

Khalifa, an MTV News 11 for '11 pick, is set to celebrate his major-label debut on Tuesday, when Rolling Papers arrives in stores and at online retailers.

"We got a couple of surprises along the way to keep people interested," he told MTV News last month. "But really, other than that, the album is done. We're really excited. Everyone is excited. [Warner Music Group executive] Lyor [Cohen] came through to a session. I got so much support from the single and going into the album. So when we do drop it, I think we'll get that response that everyone was expecting."

Catch Wiz performing in Las Vegas during MTV's Spring Break on Monday night (March 28) on MTV at 9:50 p.m. ET.

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