Lil Wayne, Paris Hilton Bond Over Jail Time In Interview

The rapper and the heiress also discuss astrology, animals and, of course, music in the April issue of the magazine.

In the April issue of

target="_blank">Interview magazine, Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton bond over their love of animals, music and Miami hotspots ... and, of course, their time behind bars, too.

In a cross-country phone call — Wayne was at home in Miami while Hilton was taking a break from shooting a reality series in Los Angeles — the pair discussed a variety of topics (Googling themselves, the paparazzi, astrology, etc.,), but really broke the ice when the conversation turned to their respective jail sentences. Wayne did eight months at New York's Rikers Island after a gun-possession arrest, while Hilton famously served 23 days in 2007 following a parole violation.

"For me, it was OK, because it just meant that I was alone in my thoughts," Wayne said when asked about the portion of his sentence he served in solitary confinement, after being caught with an MP3 player. "There were times when it was pretty tough to be by yourself, and to have no television, no nothing. That was kind of tough."

"I had to do 24 nights in solitary," Hilton added [during her sentence, she was held in a separate cell as a safety precaution].

"Oh, so you know how it is?" Wayne responded.

"Yeah, I know how it is," Hilton said.

The discussion then turned to being released from prison — an experience Wayne said "words cannot explain," and one Hilton called "the best feeling in the world" — and how that newfound freedom affects the individual.

"You're definitely more in tune to what you're doing. You're definitely more humble," Wayne explained. "I think that most people who come out of that situation just want to make the most of life afterwards. Honestly, it was just one big humbling experience."

And in keeping with that life-affirming sentiment — following some in-depth talk about travel and zodiac signs and Weezy's pet sharks — both Wayne and Hilton discussed what's next for them: Hilton said she'd "really love" to finish her long-in-the-works second album, while Wayne ... well, he has more tangible goals.

"I want to bank a cool $50 million at least," he said. "At the end of the year, I want to be able to say that I banked $50 million. Not generated $50 million, but actually banked $50 million."