Britney Spears' San Francisco Show Was 'Hella Hot,' Fans Say

'It was stunning,' says one fan who flew in from Alaska to see concert set to air Tuesday on 'Good Morning America.'

SAN FRANCISCO — Britney Spears turned the heat all the way up on Sunday morning (March 27), when she hit the stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco for a concert set to air on "Good Morning America." Her set list was similar to the one she followed just days earlier at a Las Vegas performance at the Palms Casino.

Fans will get to see her show when it airs Tuesday on "GMA" — the same day her Femme Fatale album drops — but the ones who were lucky enough to catch her on Sunday couldn't stop gushing about how "amazing" Brit was.

"So I totally loved how her bustier was lit up," Corina Andrati excitedly told MTV News moments after Spears wrapped her three-song set. "I'm so blessed to be here, and it's all about San Francisco."

Sarah added that Spears was as good as she was when her debut album dropped more than a decade ago. "It was amazing," she gushed. "It was so hot! We live here in the city, and she was sexier than ever and I'd go lesbian for her. She really blew it up."

"It was amazing," José added. "My favorite song was 'Till the World Ends' and I love the album and she's rocking it."

Randi Florence will now always remember her first-ever concert-going experience as a Britney Spears show. "We loved the show," Florence said. "It was my very first concert. I loved Britney. She's so amazing."

Sasha Yung shared her biggest highlight from the show. "I liked the last song, ['Till The World Ends']," she told us. "I liked the wind blowing through her hair and I loved her scandalous outfit."

Thomas loved that he's one of the first to experience hearing a new Femme Fatale track live. "I have to say the premiere of 'Big Fat Bass' [was great]," he said. "It was an amazing song and I loved the way she has it choreographed. It was stunning for me. I flew all the way from Alaska to go to this show, so I was inspired. It was awesome."

"It was freakin' sick, honestly," Monica said. "She's hot and everyone who hates on her: whatevs! She's hella hot!"

Bottom line for Alicia is that Britney proved once again that she's a true performer. "Great costumes! She looks better than ever," she said. "She can put on a show. When you go to a Britney show, you know you're going to get your money's worth, and today was no different."

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