Mullyman, Phil Ade Break Out From The DMV

'Where I come from and in the game, period, the underdog is squeezed out,' Mullyman tells Mixtape Daily.

Fire Starter: DMV Edition

Wale has been making a lot of noise lately after he inked a deal with Rick Ross to join the Bawse's Maybach Music Group. But the "Pretty Girls" MC isn't the only DMV (the Metro D.C. area, consisting of Obama's 'hood, Maryland and Virginia) artist on the come-up. Baltimore's Mullyman (with an assist from 50 Cent DJ Whoo Kid) and Silver Spring (by way of Cali) rhyme spitter Phil Adé are grinding like the Clipse. Here, the two spoke with Mixtape Daily about their latest projects. Kirk out, young.


Representing: Baltimore

Mixtape: Mullyman vs. the Machine

Standouts: "6:30 (Six Thirty)," "Greatness"

"The machine represent the norm, the conventional way of things being done," Mullyman told us about his recent offering. "The industry is pretty much set up where you hear the same songs over in repetition all day. It's set up to squeeze the little man out or leave little room for him to make moves. So what I stand for is the underdog. I want it to be known that I come from a place where there's never been an artist to make it from Baltimore. There's one artist that the world knows from the DMV, that's Wale. So where I come from, statistically, where I come from and in the game, period, the underdog is squeezed out. So Mullyman vs. Machine is me fighting for myself, my city, against a system that doesn't give us a voice. I'm basically trying to John Henry the game."

Phil Adé

Representing: Silver Spring, Maryland

Mixtape: The Letterman

Standouts: "My Story," "Like Dat"

"I have two projects,Starting on JV and The Letterman," Phil Adé told Mixtape Daily. "And really, those connect as a theme. As far as the difference between them, there's a difference in subject matter. When I first started, I was rapping about how I was better than everyone and how I could spit, I'm fire. [He laughs.] But now, as I've grown and seen things and moved around, seeing things in the industry and how my parents have reacted to it, I've had more experiences and seen more life. So you can see my graduation in the game. I just try to capture those experiences and give people an insight into my life.

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