Keri Hilson's Sexy New Video With Chris Brown Debuts

In the 'One Night Stand' clip, the two singers have a steamy encounter and trade dance moves in an industrial garage.

Keri Hilson needed a fix in her "One Night Stand" video and Chris Brown was eager to be her mechanic. The blond-haired singers exchange steamy glances in the Collin Tilly-directed clip and, after finding each other, they join forces — Neo and Trinity style — for a dancing breakdown.

The video begins with Hilson lying down and Brown on top of her as the F.A.M.E. star caressing her and they clasp hands. The camera then quickly cuts to images of Hilson straddling her younger co-star.

As the song's first verse starts, however, the pair are in separate

scenes: Hilson, sporting a black fur coat, is standing in the middle of a dark and smoky street, while Brown, in overalls and a tank top, is underneath a car in an auto garage.

"Tell me how you like it, baby/ Do you want it fast or slow?" Hilson sings.

"I'll give it to you all night," Brown chimes in with an ad-lib.

Midway through the clip, the two intertwine at an industrial warehouse in matching black outfits and sunglasses.

"You should stay another night with me," they both sing. "A one night stand is all I need." A tag-team dance then ensues.

After both singers pirouette and dip and dive, Brown towers over Hilson and swings his arms over her as she ducks. She then raises up and swings her arms over Brown, who leans back to avoid Hilson's movements in slowed-down "bullet time" action.

The "Pretty Girl Rock" star has always been an ardent Brown supporter. This past December, three months before the "Good Morning America" incident, Hilson told MTV News that the embattled singer had matured since his controversial altercation with Rihanna in 2009.

"People are already putting [Brown] back in their good graces, 'cause they see his remorse," Hilson said. "And I know people are saying, 'Is he really a man? You have him on your album.' I mean, yeah. To me, a man is someone, you don't go backwards in life. You learn from your mistakes, and you don't do it again. You show remorse, and you move on. You move forward onto bigger and better things. That's a man trait."

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