'Hard Times Of RJ Berger' Stars Tease Season-Two Premiere

'In the opening, you have Miles facing the music with the Max Owens beatdown,' Jareb Duplaise says of tonight's episode.

Season one of MTV's "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" ended with a dramatic cliffhanger that saw RJ leaving his lifelong crush, Jenny, to lose his virginity to friend Lily ... in a hospital bed before she flat-lined.

But when MTV News spoke with the "Hard Times" stars, they told us what they really can't wait to see on Thursday's season-two premiere is what happened after a more violent altercation.

"At the very end of season one, Miles beats up Max at the prom," Jareb Dauplaise, who plays Miles, reminded us. "That's the last time you see Miles, [he's] straddling Max Owens and just punching him where you shouldn't hit a man. So in the opening, you have Miles facing the music with the Max Owens beatdown."

Jayson Blair, who plays the unlucky Max, said, "In the season premiere you find Max very upset with having his balls punched in, and there will be hell to pay for that. And he's going after Miles in a big way — in a sumo suit."

Dauplaise clarified, "Yes, we end up throwing on the sumo suits and doing a professional wrestling event for charity."

"I'm going to kill him for a good cause, it's for charity. So whenever charity's involved, it makes it all right," Blair laughed.

Whether or not Max and Miles can resolve their differences in the ring, Blair told us he's really focused on what the show can accomplish in its second season.

"I honestly had fears about where we were going to go in the second season. I was like, 'We've already pissed off all the parents.' The comedy is so big and in-your-face, and for this show to be successful, it has to go in that direction and break boundaries, pushing those extremes," Blair explained. "When I saw those scripts for season two, I said, 'Yeah!' We went there in a big way and I'm so excited about it."

Dauplaise, meanwhile, is hoping his character gets some shine of his own in the near future. "Miles is the sidekick, watching RJ get the girl of his dreams in season one, he gets to lose his virginity in season one — Miles is sitting on the side, he wants the same things. Hopefully, we turn it around. I'm excited to see where Miles goes. I want Miles to get laid," he laughed.

Don't miss "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" season premiere Thursday at 11 p.m. following the "Jersey Shore" season finale on MTV.