Foo Fighters Call Upcoming Shows With Motorhead 'A Real Rock Bill'

Handful of shows with hard-riffing legends kick off May 17 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If you couldn't tell from their videos, continuing mission to spread the Gospel of Rock or avowed anti-"Glee" stance, the [artist id="986"]Foo Fighters[/artist] are totally awesome.

And for further proof of this point, consider the lineup they'll take on the road this May, which features none other than hard-riffing legends Motörhead (not to mention Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro). It's the kind of triple bill that only Dave Grohl and company could assemble, a traveling circus of rock that packs maximum bang for the buck — and is sort of a dream come true for the Foos themselves.

"We're going to do some shows with Motörhead ... unfortunately we have to go on after them," Grohl deadpanned. "We actually played with Motörhead at Hyde Park once, and Lemmy's a good friend, and Phil [Campbell] the guitar player too. They're just fun to be around, and they're legends, and I'm a huge Motörhead fan, so it's an honor to have them come out and do gigs."

The run of shows kicks off May 17 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and runs until May 26 in Missoula, Montana. To date, they're the band's only scheduled U.S. gigs — aside from a headlining slot at the Sasquatch! Music Festival on May 27 and a rumored headlining slot at this summer's Lollapalooza (oh, and their ongoing promotional run for their "Back and Forth" documentary, which features not only a screening of the movie, but a special 3-D concert film immediately after).

Though the Foos will most certainly announce a full slate in the near future, for the time being, they're firmly focused on bringing the rock, not to mention Motörhead, to the masses.

"I'm psyched, man. It's going to be fun," Grohl said. "It's like a real rock bill, you know? It's nice to have a rock-and-roll show, and I can't wait."

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