Travie McCoy Revisits Gym Class Heroes' Breakout LP For Next Project

Frontman is 'trying to capture the innocence' of 2005's The Papercut Chronicles on in-the-works sequel.

Whenever a group finds success with an album, all eyes — and ears — tend to fall on the records that follow.

But Travie McCoy, the frontman for [artist id="1904930"]Gym Class Heroes[/artist] — a group that found heavy radio rotation in 2007, thanks to their Supertramp-infused single "Cupid's Chokehold/Breakfast in America" from The Papercut Chronicles — hopes fans have been paying close attention to the band's previous efforts.

McCoy, whose 2010 solo effort, Lazarus, spawned "Billionaire," the massive collaboration with Bruno Mars, discussed why Gym Class Heroes' past will be an intricate part of their in-the-works new album.

"If anybody who picked up our last record — [2008's] The Quilt — knows, there's a line in a song called 'Don't Tell Me It's Over' [in which] I say, ' '08 is gonna be great, imagine 2011,' " the singer said, adding, "So, get ready: The Papercut Chronicles 2 is coming."

And in case the title weren't indication enough, fans can expect a lot of the same vibe that helped the band become 2007 VMA winners for Best New Artist. "The new record — hence the name — is a throwback to our first record and just trying to capture the innocence that that record had," McCoy said.

"It was our first full album," McCoy said of the original Papercut Chronicles, "so, in a sense, we had our entire lives to create it."

Still, while the frontman revisited the 2005 record, it wasn't always an easy process. "I listened back to it a bunch of times to try and get my head in the zone I was in when I was writing that record. And it's hard for me to listen to it. ... I was so young and my voice was really high."

But it's not just listening to their prior work that's setting the wheels in motion for their fourth studio album. McCoy, who said they are looking to record their new material this summer, have "a good 25, 26 demos and they just keep growing." The singer and his bandmates will then "pick and pull from those songs and refine them and then create the album."

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