'Beastly' Star Vanessa Hudgens Talks Falling For Bad Boys

'A lot of girls look up to guys who embody that,' she tells MTV News of her character's questionable taste in guys.

As we've learned from promos and teaser trailers for "Beastly," the movie is a modern take on the classic fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast."

Co-starring Vanessa Hudgens and "I Am Number Four" leading man Alex Pettyfer, the basic premise is the same, but there's a key difference in this long-delayed adaptation. In "Beastly," Hudgens' character, Lindy, is a high-schooler operating on the outskirts of the cool crowd when she develops an attraction to Pettyfer's bad boy, Kyle, who has yet to have his movie-star looks marred by any spells.

When MTV News caught up with the "High School Musical" star recently, we asked what she thought about her character's attraction to the proverbial bad boy.

"I feel like a lot of girls think it's easier to go under the radar, to not really stand up and let their true selves be known," Hudgens explained about Lindy's desire to stay in the background. "And I feel like when that happens, a lot of girls look up to guys who embody that, who are just truly out there and, of course, my character falls for that, as a lot of other girls would," she said.

Hudgens went on to say that while the "opposites attract" idea initially draws Lindy to the school's most popular guy, she senses that there's more to him and eventually connects to Kyle's softer side.

"Slowly, she falls in love with him, not for his appearance, which I think is the most beautiful part of it," she said.

"Beastly" hits theaters on Friday.

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