Justin Bieber's 17th Birthday Bash: What Would You Plan?

Event planners imagine what kind of party they'd throw the superstar.

Justin Bieber is about to reach another milestone in his life: On Tuesday (March 1), the teen star turns 17. Already, he's had hit albums and singles, a world tour and a successful concert documentary, so he definitely has a reason to celebrate. As he gears up for the fun, MTV News asked some party planners to weigh in on what kind of bash they would throw for the pop superstar.

"I think, knowing that he's such a fan of purple, I would create a purple Willy Wonka fantasy party," said Bruce Starr, who works at BMF Media Group in New York. "I think we'd do it in L.A. on a studio lot and have the Oompa Loompas in purple. We'd recreate this extravagant fantasy world."

Starr said he'd have a female DJ on the decks, but also would have some musical surprises up his sleeve. "We'd have a surprise stage, and without telling him, work with his friends and have them do surprise sets for him," he explained. "The party would have just friends and family, about 250 or 300 or 400 people tops — really intimate."

There would even be a fan element to the party. "I think we would do huge screens for all the people who couldn't be there. We'd have surprise music videos from them, and throughout the candy land, there'd be screens with tweets from his fans," he added.

Taylor Choi, event consultant for Gansevoort Hotel Group, explained that she'd have the perfect Big Apple hot spot for the party. "For him, I would do something more fun and exciting," she mused. "I would do more like bowling or video games, some sort of 3-D type party with more technology-type stuff for him."

So, what types of social media would that include? "A social-media kiosk where people can take photos," she explained. "I would do karaoke and do something more fun and interactive. I would have a fun DJ and a fun live performance because a performance would be fun."

As for the venue, Choi said: "If he was in New York, I would throw it in the Gansevoort Park Avenue where we could do a 3-D installation. We can do a performance over the pool. We would deck it out for him with three floors. I'd serve cupcakes, hot dogs, burgers.

"I would have like 200 of his closest friends," she added. "I would definitely do 3-D stuff. He'd have fun with a small group of friends:

private, intimate, nothing too crazy. Have his friends perform a song for him."

While it seems these planners would throw elaborate bashes for the star, Bieber recently revealed that he's hoping for a low-key affair.

"I only have, like, four days, so I'm just going to relax, because I start my world tour starting on [March 4] — so just going to mentally prepare and just relax," Bieber explained. "No birthday bash.

... Hopefully my grandparents will be out here, and I'll be able to spend time, a little bit, with them. My grandma makes the best cheesecake — cherry cheesecake. She made that for my 13th birthday."

How do you think Justin Bieber should celebrate his 17th birthday?

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