'Hangover Part II' Trailer Drops Next Week, Todd Phillips Says

'It's truly a teaser, so it might end up frustrating more than solving questions,' director tells MTV News.

After the record-breaking success of "The Hangover" and the endless speculation about where the sequel would take place, after the casting gossip and the Mel Gibson controversy, after the first photos and the behind-the-scenes set visit, we're about to get our first peek at actual footage from "The Hangover Part II."

"We have a teaser trailer that I just finished color for yesterday night, so that'll come out next week," Todd Phillips told MTV News on Friday (February 18) while promoting the DVD release of "Due Date." "And I think it comes out in theaters on 'Hall Pass,' which should be next Friday."

It can't come soon enough. The film hits theaters May 26, and up until now, official glimpses at the production have been few and far between. The only reason for the dearth of Warner Bros.-sanctioned material, though, is that Phillips and friends didn't wrap production on the flick that long ago.

"We've had, like, one photo out, and that's just because we finished shooting on New Year's Day, and the movie comes out on Memorial Day," the writer/director said. "It's really just a crazy-tight schedule."

While Phillips wouldn't dish details about what we'll actually see in the teaser, he did emphasize that fans should temper their expectations: The footage will hardly offer a comprehensive dive into what the film is all about. "It's truly a teaser, so it might end up frustrating more than solving questions," he told us. "I love it. It's a true tease, if that makes sense. It's just one of those things that's gonna make you go, 'OK, let's see what more they have.' It's to pique interest and to remind people what's coming down the pike."

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