Exclusive: Justin Bieber 'Disappointed' With Grammy Loss

Minutes after losing the Best New Artist award to Esperanza Spalding, Bieber spoke exclusively to MTV News.

LOS ANGELES — Attention Justin Bieber fans: If you think you were upset that he didn't win Best New Artist at the 53rd Grammy Awards, well, you weren't alone.

"I had no clue what was going to happen; I worked really hard these past few years and you know, I'm not going to lie — I was disappointed," Bieber told MTV News backstage at the Staples Center, just minutes after he lost the award to Esperanza Spalding. "But, you know, I'm gonna come back [next year] and we'll take a few home."

Bieber's shocking loss to Spalding in Best New Artist (most experts had him as the clear-cut favorite in the category) was even more unexpected given that, earlier in the night, Bieber had teamed with Jayden Smith and Usher for a stand-out performance on the Grammy stage — one that earned Bieber a standing ovation, a gesture that not only gave him "chills," but also presumably set him up for a triumphant Best New Artist win.

"I got a standing O, which was amazing," he smiled. "Usher and Jayden did incredible, and I'm really excited. Tonight was an amazing night."

And remember, he said that despite the fact that he headed home from the Grammys empty-handed. So while he's disappointed, he's not crushed by his BNA loss. Quite the opposite, in fact.

"I'm inspired to work harder than I did last year," he said. "It's going to be hard, but I'm going to try."

And before he left, he had one last message for all his die-hard fans out there:"Bieber fans, don't get too upset," he laughed. "Be happy."

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