Brett Loewenstern Stands Up To Bullies During 'American Idol' Tryout

'I'm done with being a victim,' redheaded standout says after sailing to the next Hollywood Week round.

Even if the name Brett Loewenstern doesn't mean anything to you yet, his face certainly does: He's the 16-year-old red-haired singer viewers were first introduced to during the New Orleans "American Idol" auditions.

You might as well go ahead and get used to him, because he's going to be around a bit longer: On Thursday's (February 10) episode of "Idol," Loewenstern made one more sizable leap toward achieving his dream, as the Boca Raton, Florida, native coasted through his Hollywood Week audition. His biggest obstacle was his own nerves: "I'm shaking in my pants right now, I'm not gonna lie," he told the judges as one of the first contestants to take the audition stage.

Then those jitters melted away, as Loewenstern won the judges over with his passionate, restrained rendition of the Beatles' "Let It Be." "That boy's got the blues!" Jennifer Lopez said following his song.

And he has reason to: Loewenstern again stressed the bullying and teasing he's faced in the past and looked at his "Idol" victory as the next step in overcoming those painful scars. "I would like to say to the people that tried to bring me down, bully me, backstab me, whatever: No negativity anymore. I'm done with being a victim." Fanning himself as he stepped off the stage, he said he was appreciative of the opportunity in front of him and that he's going to use it to "shine."

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