'Captain America' Trailer Premieres During Super Bowl XLV

Clip offers glimpses of Hugo Weaving's Red Skull and Cap's transformation to super-soldier.

The debut trailer for "Captain America: The First Avenger" made its bow tonight with only minutes remaining in the second quarter of Super Bowl XLV. The highly anticipated first look at the Joe Johnston-directed Marvel Comics adaptation did not fail to deliver, with glimpses of Hugo Weaving's Red Skull and Cap's transformation from puny weakling to genetically enhanced super-soldier.

The 32-second trailer opens with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) stepping into the machine that infuses his body with the serum responsible for giving him superhuman strength and reflexes. "How do you feel," Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter — Cap's World War II love interest — asks Rogers as he steps out of the oversize metal coffin. "Taller," Evans quips.

A series of shots from different parts of the movie flash by next as Cap, shield in hand, runs, jumps and swings into action against a variety of bad guys, including a pair of armored HYDRA agents wielding flamethrowers. The money shot comes toward the end, of course, with Hugo Weaving's Red Skull peeling off what appears to be a mask and revealing the scarred, red face beneath.

The trailer ends with Atwell and Evans. Cap's got what must be an early, unpainted prototype of his shield in hand, whose effectiveness Atwell tests with a pistol. "What do you think," Evans asks, holding the shield up just in time to catch the oncoming bullets. "I think it works," she fires back with a smirk.

"Captain America: The First Avenger" hits 2-D and 3-D screens this summer on July 22.

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