Born This Way Is Lady Gaga's Like A Prayer, Perez Hilton Says

'It's gonna save lives, and it's gonna get people dancing,' he raves.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist]'s Born This Way has been dubbed many things: Gaga's "freedom" album and even "the greatest album of this decade." When Gaga's pal Perez Hilton spoke to MTV News, he had this to say: "This album is Gaga's Like a Prayer, and that is huge praise coming from me, who is, like, the biggest Madonna fan ever," he gushed to MTV News. "And I told Gaga that I think this album is her Like a Prayer, and she took that as a big compliment, and I'm so tempted to say more."

For those in need of a history lesson, Madonna released Like a Prayer in 1989, spawning singles like "Cherish," "Express Yourself" and the title track. It launched a wedding dress-wearing boy toy into a full-blown pop icon who had more to say about love and life than her bows and lace of earlier albums led fans to believe. Based on the lyrics released from Gaga's title-track lead single, she too will be proving she has a lot to say.

"What's amazing about this body of work," Perez continued, "is that it really is that Born This Way is a body of work, where all of the songs make sense together. And it's as if she created this world or co-created this world with her fans, and all of these songs inhabit that world. And it's so special. The songs, the album, the videos are gonna change culture. It's gonna save lives, and it's gonna get people dancing."

Perez has heard the album in its entirety, and he notes that fans will be blown away: "And it's not gonna be what everybody expects, and it's gonna be more than everybody expects," he said. "And it's gonna be so amazing. I can't wait for everybody to hear the music, and it's such a long time away. May is not around the corner."

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