Lil Wayne Drops 'Black And Yellow' Packers Remix, 'Green And Yellow'

Young Money boss tackles Wiz Khalifa's Steelers anthem for Super Bowl fave Green Bay.

[artist id="2427571"]Wiz Khalifa's[/artist] "Black and Yellow" has proven to be the Pittsburgh star's breakout hit but the anthem has also helped to propel his hometown Steelers to within one game of the NFL championship.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist], however, has something to say about that.

The New Orleans native is a huge fan of the storied Green Bay Packers — who will be facing the Steelers in the Super Bowl on Sunday — and he released his take on Wiz's track, "Green and Yellow," a nod to the team's uniform colors on Thursday (February 3).

"Got a call from my homey, this just in," Weezy raps over the synthy track. "The Packers in the Super Bowl and they better win/ They call him Big Ben, but he weak, though/ We in Dallas, but we Lambeau Leap, ho/ Long hair, don't care, Clay Matthews/ We sh--tin' on these fools, no bathroom/ Yeah, got a pocket full of big faces/ Throw it up, touchdown on Ike Taylor."

Throughout the track, Wayne recounts the Packers' path to the big game, including the defeat of both the Atlanta Falcons and the Michael Vick-led Philadelphia Eagles. Weezy also tosses a few zingers at the Steelers and their vaunted defense.

"Steel Curtain? What is that, velvet?" the Cash Money superstar raps.

The rapper is just one of many MCs who will be rooting for the two teams. Snoop Dogg and Diddy are Steelers fans. Two years ago, the Bad Boy Records CEO was ecstatic when his team took home their sixth title.

"I've been a Steelers fan since Mean Joe Greene gave the little boy the jersey," Diddy told MTV News in 2009, referencing the classic Coca-Cola commercial from the '70s starring Pittsburgh's former defense legend. "And I always will be. It's a great day to be a Steelers fan. From Obama to the Steelers. It don't get better than this."

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