'Glee' Super Bowl Episode's 'California Gurls' Opener Hits The Web

Cheerios don blue wigs and flaming hula hoops to Katy Perry hit in Entertainment Weekly clip.

The girls of "Glee" are really heating things up for their post-Super Bowl episode.

In a clip of the Sue Sylvester-helmed Cheerios' version of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" on Entertainment Weekly's website, the cheerleaders added touches of the singer's "Firework" video to the Snoop Dogg-assisted track, powering the performance with a healthy spray of pyrotechnics.

The clip begins with one McKinley lady twirling in a crimson bikini top and braided blue wig, cracking a flaming whip in the school gym. Then a trio of saucy Cheerios struts in, including another bikini-rocking dancer spinning a hula hoop engulfed in flames around her bare waist. Hefty plumes of fire shoot up from behind a huge BMX ramp as a crew of bikers swoops in toward the bleachers and more bewigged cheerleaders vamp it up on the ramp. The BMXers then turn out all types of devil-may-care stunts, zooming up and down the sloping structures, zipping along on one wheel and flipping through the air. The half-dressed Cheerios return with more flaming stunt work and finish up by marching behind two cheerleaders with sparks shooting out of inverted bullhorns attached their tops, to which an unimpressed Sylvester bellows through her bullhorn: "I'm bored."

Producers concocted the skin-and-stunt-heavy clip specifically for the post-Super Bowl audience, hoping that the millions who tuned in to the macho football fest will stick around to watch the Gleeks get raunchy.

"I think our opening number is going to retain a lot of male viewers," co-creator/ executive producer Ian Brennan told EW.

"We put stuff in there understanding that there are a lot of dudes who watch the Super Bowl," fellow co-creator/ executive producer Brad Falchuk conceded. He added that the "Glee" team is hoping to strategically rope in testosterone-driven viewers who would otherwise dismiss the weekly song-and-dance fest. "It was making sure that the dudes who refuse to watch 'Glee' are like, 'Wait a second!' "

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