Steven Tyler's Best 'American Idol' Quotes From Milwaukee

'Slap that baby on the ass and call me Christmas!' new judge says after one surprising audition.

In addition to the excitement and anticipation that is involved in watching the audition rounds of "American Idol," the unexpected remarks that come out of new judge Steven Tyler's mouth are quickly becoming just as (if not more) entertaining to listen to as the contestants' vocal stylings.

We weren't sure Tyler could top last week's performance, but mere minutes into Wednesday's (January 26) episode (after opening the show singing an a cappella "Idol" version of "Sweet Emotion" with Randy Jackson), we knew we were in for another night of Tyler treats. Here are our favorites from the Milwaukee auditions:

» "Slap that baby on the ass and call me Christmas!" Tyler exclaimed after hearing Scotty McCreery's deep-voice rendition of Josh Turner's "Your Man."

» "Well hellfire, save matches, f--- a duck and see what hatches!"

» "You got a certain something. I can't put my finger on it right now, but it's got a lot of character."

» "Dawg is going to turn into a pussycat right now," he said about Jackson, who was debating whether to send a sensitive 15-year-old hopeful through to Hollywood.

» "You could call me 'late for dinner' and I'd still love you," Tyler told Jennifer Lopez after she called him "Steve" and he asked to be called "Steven." "But not lunch."

» After Randy said auditioner Jerome Bell had "all of the isms jumping off," Steven responded, "And none of the 'wasms.' "

» "I found you to be disturbingly great," Tyler said of 27-year-old accountant Steve Beghun. "Weird, compelling, great. Really different."

» "I've never heard anybody squeeze that song, but you squeezed it so slow it sounded like Vanilla Fudge singing 'Eleanor Rigby,' " Tyler told Obama impressionist Albert Rogers.

» "I might be colorblind, but unless you borrowed my lipstick, is that your real lips?" he asked student teacher Scott Dangerfield.

» "Well, you look like you could be one of my ... nope, not gonna say it," he told contestant Alyson Jados, either censoring himself from saying something dirty or maybe suggesting she looked like one of his daughters. Instead, Tyler said, "Friends. [You look like you could be] one of my friends."

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