Beyonce May Work With Diplo, Sleigh Bells On New Album

Producer says he was 'in NYC tryin' to make tracks' for B and Bells' songwriter/guitarist.

Over the years, Diplo has worked with everyone from Thom Yorke to Spank Rock (and, of course, M.I.A.) so perhaps it should come as no surprise that, for his next collaboration, he's chosen to work with none other than Beyoncé. Oh, and electro-slammers Sleigh Bells, too. It all makes sense, in some bizarre way.

This is according to Dip himself, who posted a message — and a remix of the Sleigh Bells track "Tell 'Em" — on his blog, in which he let it be known that he, his production partner Switch and Sleigh Bells' songwriter/guitarist Derek Miller just wrapped sessions for Beyoncé's follow-up to I Am ... Sasha Fierce. He wasn't quite sure what would come of the tracks they created.

"Me and Switch was in [the] studio in NYC tryin' to make tracks with Derek and Beyoncé last week after we played her team [Sleigh Bells'] album," Diplo wrote. "Dunno if we gonna manage to finish, but [it] was good times."

At the very least, you know Bey's husband, indie-rock fan Jay-Z, is pumped by the news. Diplo is just the latest in an ever-growing list of top-flight producers who have worked with Beyoncé in recent months. There's still no release date or tentative title for her upcoming album, but she's logged studio time with the likes of S1 (he of "Power" fame), Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett and Jim Jonsin.

A spokesperson for Beyoncé did not respond to MTV News' request for comment on the Diplo tracks by press time.