A Tribe Called Quest Support Michael Rapaport Documentary

Group release statement before Sundance premiere saying, 'We hope that the film's perspective conveys our love of hip-hop culture.'

It looks like [artist id="1150"]A Tribe Called Quest[/artist] and director Michael Rapaport have found a way to agree on the ATCQ documentary.

Over the past few weeks, frontman Q-Tip has been sounding off about the indie flick, maintaining that he "was not in support" of the doc in early December. The Abstract later clarified his statements, explaining that "there were just different things that need to be done, edit-wise," but insisting, "the sentiment of the film is there. We feel like it's 80 percent there."

However, it looks like the filmmakers and Tribe, who also serve as producers on the film, have resolved their issues. Just before the Saturday Sundance Film Festival world premiere of the project, which chronicles the foursome's reunion for the 2008 Rock the Bells Tour, the group released a statement pumping up the project.

"Thanks to our fans for their support through the years and for the enthusiasm around the documentary. We hope that the film's perspective conveys our love of hip-hop culture. We could not attend Sundance, but we want to express our love and appreciation for the support that we have received in advance of the film's premiere tonight. We hope that it is well received," Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi and Q-Tip, who weren't able to attend the premiere, said in a statement. Phife attended the screening.

Rapaport, who has an extensive acting résumé to his credit peppered with roles in movies such as "Bamboozled" and "Mighty Aphrodite," has also explained his intentions for the flick.

"I wanted it to be a classic rock-and-roll-style documentary," Rapaport told MTV News earlier this month. "If you grew up listening to hip-hop and you were around A Tribe Called Quest, it was a part of your life.

"They are the equivalent to Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. I've been fans of those groups and fans of documentaries about those groups for a long time, and when I approached doing this film, I wanted to treat it in the same way. I didn't want it to be over-produced; I wanted it to have a rawness to it."

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