Justin Bieber Guest Editing Vanity Fair's Facebook Page

'I'm proud of my interview and cover,' the pop singer writes online of his cover story in the magazine's latest issue.

Not only is Justin Bieber the subject of a coveted cover story in Vanity Fair's latest issue, the teenage pop superstar has been tapped to guest edit the magazine's Facebook page.

"This week, the Vanity Fair Facebook page gets its first-ever guest editor: Justin Bieber!" the magazine announced on the website on Monday (January 10). "Check back later today for exclusive content, video, and giveaways ..."

For his first post on the site (the only one the pop star had contributed as of press time), Bieber gave fans a quick synopsis of what he'll be up to this week. "Pretty cool that I get to host the Vanity Fair Facebook page this week. I'm proud of my interview and cover — it was the most intense interview I've ever done," he shared. "Gonna be a fun week — make sure you make some comments because I will send one random fan who writes in the comments section a signed copy of my book. LEGGOOOO!"

Michael Hogan, executive online editor, talked about Bieber's guest-editor gig in a statement to MTV News: "The genius of Facebook is the way it enables people to talk to each other in a whole new way, and Vanity Fair is uniquely positioned to give our fans a whole new way of interacting with the world's most fascinating people. With 18 million Facebook fans, 6 million Twitter followers, and more than 1 billion YouTube views, Justin Bieber is the quintessential modern celebrity phenomenon, and we're thrilled to have him as the first (of many, we hope) guest editor of Vanity Fair's Facebook page."

It's not the first time that the young singer has claimed a website for his own. Last April, as a prank, Bieber took over Funny or Die, renaming the site "Funny or Bieber." During his 24-hour reign over the site, he posted videos mocking his pop star status. "Justin Bieber has decided to buy Bieber or Die," a message on the website read. "And do with it whatever his tiny little heart desires."

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