Britney Spears Gives Sneak Peek Of 'Hold It Against Me'

The final cut of Spears' new single is being streamed online prior to its Tuesday release.

Fans who thought they had to wait until Tuesday to hear the final cut of [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears'[/artist] "Hold It Against Me" have gotten a pleasant surprise, as sneak peeks of the thumping dance track have been popping up all over various radio stations' websites.

The finished version of "Hold It Against Me" starts out almost exactly the same as the demo that leaked last week (which featured vocals from songwriter Bonnie McKee), with identical lyrics and instrumentation. But the new track includes some signature funky Britney touches.

"If I feel my heart was beating loud, if we could escape the crowd somehow/ If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?" Spears sings on the chorus. " 'Cause you feel like paradise, And I need a vacation tonight. So if I said I want your body now, Would you hold it against me?"

But after a second pass through the chorus of the Dr. Luke/ Max Martin produced track, off Britney's yet-untitled March album, a new breakdown emerges that features the pop star cooing about lusting for a boy on the dance floor as pulsing beats answer her call for love.

We hear Brit speak flirtatiously, telling her suitor, "If I said I want your body, would you hold it against me?" She then sings, "Give me something good, don't want to wait. I want it now. Drop it like a hood and show me how you work it out" as her voice comes in and out over staccato instrumentation before she breaks down the chorus.

Soon the song comes back in full force, with the beat changing up slightly to sound a bit more epic as she closes things out by repeating the chorus until the track just stops.

If streaming "Hold It Against Me" isn't enough for you, the song will be available on iTunes starting at midnight ET on Tuesday. It will remain an iTunes exclusive purchase for a week, until January 18.

So have you heard a sneak preview of "Hold It Against Me? What did you think? Tell us in the comments.