Britney Spears Has A History Of Song Leaks

The 'Hold It Against Me' demo making the rounds certainly isn't Brit's first leaked track!

On Thursday, a demo version of Britney Spears' new single, "Hold It Against Me," hit the Web. The track, which is set for official release on Tuesday, isn't the first Britney song to leak before the singer was ready to share it for public consumption.

Brit made headlines last year, when a leaked demo of her version of Gaga's "Telephone" was made public. Producer Rodney Jerkins confirmed that the song was real, but that it was never intended for anyone outside of Brit's camp to hear. That same year, previously unreleased songs like "When I Say So," "Mad Love" and "Am I a Sinner" also hit the Web.

In 2008, around the release of her comeback album Circus, snippets of the song's lead single, "Womanizer," were leaked by Nashville radio station 107.5 FM The River. The station quickly removed the audio from its website, but it was too late, and the song had already made its way around the Internet.

Multiple Circus tracks also got some attention earlier than the singer had intended. "Circus" and "If You Seek Amy," both of which would later become singles off the album, hit blogs weeks prior to the album's December 2008 release.

In August 2007, weeks before it was officially released, Blackout's lead single, "Gimme More," found its way online. Other songs recorded around that time also leaked, including "Everybody," "Your...," "What You Sippin' On" and "Cold as Fire."

Does hearing Britney Spears' leaked tracks make you less likely to buy them later, or more excited for their official release? Sound off in the comments.