Pauly D Says Britney Spears Album Is 'Amazing'

'This is gonna be one of her greatest albums,' 'Jersey Shore' star raves.

Perez Hilton loves Britney Spears' new single, "Hold It Against Me," and now it seems that she's getting some love from Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D. Pauly got to hear some of Brit's new tunes because he and the pop star have the same management team.

"Her album is amazing — like, I can't even believe it," he told about the March release. "I will be playing her tracks in the club, they're so good. I think this is gonna be one of her greatest albums. ... Britney's awesome. We have the same management, and that's how we meet a lot."

Brit's "Hold It Against Me," set to drop Tuesday, is certainly a club banger, and Pauly believes that these days, with so much pop going dance, the singer is right on the cutting edge.

"Everyone's steering towards dance and everything like that, and she's right there," he explained. "That's how I judge good music, is where I'm gonna play it. Like, 'all right, I'll play that in the car or I can play that in the club.' You can definitely play her stuff in the club."

So is it all dance, or is Brit also slowing things down a bit? "She has some tracks you can play in the car too," Pauly said, so we'll take that as a yes.

Pauly's not the only one who's heard some other new Britney tracks. Ryan Seacrest revealed that he's heard another song, "I I I Wanna Go," describing it as a "powerhouse single." As for "Hold It Against Me," Seacrest raved about the song's final cut. "WOW. The demo doesn't even compare!" he teased.