Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Drops On Tuesday

Pop superstar has been rehearsing choreography for a month for the clip, which will be shot in two weeks.

After days of speculation and a churning rumor mill, Britney Spears has come forth to set the record straight about her upcoming single, "Hold It Against Me." Produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin, the high-energy tune, a demo of which surfaced on the Internet on Thursday, is set to hit airwaves on Tuesday, she tweeted.

"Heard an early demo of my new single leaked. If u think that's good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday," Spears wrote on Twitter Thursday night. She also posted the track's artwork, a close-up of the pop princess' face partially covered by her blond locks.

"Hold It Against Me" is the lead single from Britney's currently untitled new album, dropping in March.

In the leaked demo of the scorching club track, singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee sings Spears' part. She proclaims her lust for a person while surrounded by a crowd of people. "If I feel my heart was beating loud/ If we could escape the crowd somehow/ If I said I want your body now/ Would you hold it against me?/ 'Cause you feel like paradise/ And I need a vacation tonight/ If I said I want your body now/ Would you hold it against me?" she sings over a pulsating bass.

The track's producer cautioned that the demo is a very early version of the song. "That version of hold it against me is really really old... it don't sound like that anymore... it's WAY better :-p," Dr. Luke tweeted.

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