Bon Jovi, AC/DC, U2 Top World Tours Of 2010

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour placed fourth on the list.

Bon Jovi showed all the newbies how it's done. The veteran rock group had the most successful tour in 2010. And, following closely behind at #2 and #3 are fellow veteran acts AC/DC and U2, concert tracker Pollstar reports.

The New Jersey act sold an impressive $201.1 million worth of tickets worldwide this year in a concert economy that was on the downslide. Around the world, ticket sales for the top 50 tours dropped 12 percent to $2.93 billion, and in North America, they dropped 15 percent to $1.69 billion.

Bon Jovi beat out 2009's top two acts, bumping AC/DC, who grossed $177 million in ticket sales, to #2, and U2, with $160.9 million (impressive, considering they had to postpone their North American leg to 2011 due to Bono's back surgery), to #3 on the list. But hot on the heels of the aging rockers is Lady Gaga, the only woman in the top 10 tours for 2010.

Gaga and her Monster Ball tour placed fourth on the list. According to the report, Gaga's over-the-top spectacle grossed $133.6 million over the course of 138 shows, most of which took place outside of North America. Gaga may have only placed fourth, but she played more shows than the top three: Bon Jovi played only 80 shows, AC/DC played 40 and U2 played 32 shows.

The rest of the top 10 is rounded out by Metallica at #5 (netting $110.1 million), pop crooner Michael Bublé was # 6 with $104.2 million; the live show "Walking With Dinosaurs" placed #7 with $104.1 million; Paul McCartney is #8 with $93 million; the Eagles are #9 with $92.3 million and Roger Waters is #10 with $89.5 million.

In North America alone, Bon Jovi kept their title as the top draw, followed by Roger Waters, Dave Matthews Band, Bublé and the Eagles.

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