Alicia Keys Drops New Song 'Speechless'

Ballad, which also features Eve, was inspired by Keys' son, Egypt.

Motherhood has put Alicia Keys in the mood to write new songs. Hubby Swizz Beatz debuted Keys' latest, "Speechless," on his website as part of his Monster Mondays.

The ballad samples Kanye West's "Devil in a New Dress" and finds Keys doing what she does best: singing about love. "I'm at a brand-new time in my life and a brand new feeling, and it's like this little guy, man, he takes my breath away," Keys says before starting the first verse. The piano-heavy tune gets funky once the chorus kicks in.

On the chorus, the R&B singer expresses her joy over the new love of her life, singing, "Makes you speechless, baby/ Don't know what to say/ I'm just speechless, baby/ The poet in me has gone away."

Midway through the track, Eve makes an appearance. The tough rapper shows her soft side, spitting rhymes like, "In the morning when I rise up/ Go to the window and I smile, put my eyes up/ Stare in the clouds, like, 'Wow, look at my luck.' " Keys finishes the track with the song's chorus. She laughs, "You take my breath away," as the song fades out.

In a video posted on the site, Keys opens up about writing the song, saying, "I always start writing at the piano, because I just feel like it's the best way to get the song out. It makes me take everything else away, and it just makes me, like, I get into it."

Beatz also appears in the video, noting that the song is just a fun little gift to Keys' fans. "This should be a treat for the fans," he said. "This will be a treat."

After she gave birth to Egypt, Keys noted that she felt inspired to pen a song for her son. "Every moment is beautiful; delicious even! Every moment I'm learning and living in a way I never have before. Being present in a way I never have before. Existing in moments I never have before," Keys wrote in a blog. "Never have I felt so calm, so purposeful in taking the time to truly observe the world around me, to live in it fully and watch it, discuss it, put time toward it. It feels really incredible — so peaceful, so complete and long overdue."

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