Keri Hilson Says 'The Way You Love Me Video' Is 'Not Just Sexual'

Keri Hilson Says 'The Way You Love Me Video' Is 'Not Just Sexual'

[artist id="1746119"]Keri Hilson[/artist] gets sexy in her new video for "The Way You Love Me."

In the clip, Hilson plays B.B., a gun-slinging woman who sets out to bring her man into custody. The video also stars JoJo, Faith Evans and Diddy-Dirty-Money's Dawn Richard as her band of "bad bitches." The video's sex factor climbs quickly, as Hilson sheds more and more clothes, writhing around while singing all about her loving her man.

But when MTV News spoke to Hilson this week, she shrugged off any controversy but admitted she was a little bit surprised by the reaction she's been getting.

"In that record I'm talking about one guy, I'm talking about one night and this is what I want on this one night, and I'm not afraid to say it," she explained. "Not just sexual, I just mean whatever — open your mouth. That's empowering to me. That's what the song is about."

For his part, Rick Ross, who's featured on the track, chills in the club, while beautiful people drink and dance the night away. But it's Hilson's scantily clad popping and locking that has everyone buzzing.

"The Way You Love Me" is off Hilson's latest release, No Boys Allowed, and she clarified the meaning behind the title, saying that while the boys aren't welcome to her party, real men are.

"Yeah, men [are allowed]," Hilson said. "That's the point of the album. I feel like I give so much of the female perspective, and I really wanted to give guys a chance to sound off and give their perspective on certain things, so I had to bring in the men."

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